EMMY®-Winning Investigations

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On Nov. 7, 2015, The Chicago/Midwest Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts And Sciences recognized Matthew Simon's investigative work on Madison's growing heroin deaths & gang activity influencing Madison's crime trends. After the stories were over he continued his coverage online, facilitating conversations between viewers, recovering addicts & a former gang member. Here, a clip of the reporting work originally nominated for an 'Outstanding Achievement for Media Interactivity' Regional EMMY® on Oct. 6, 2015.  The full investigations/conversations are below.

At the base of Madison’s erupting violence, police records show a dramatic increase over the last decade in known gang members charged with committing crimes. (2/3/15)

If you think gangs are not a problem in Wisconsin, we've uncovered some alarming details of new issues, including gang activity in schools and the spread of gang activity throughout the area. We have the rare opportunity to talk to a former gang member who shares his perspective.

As Wisconsin’s heroin epidemic took hold of Dane County, and made it one of the most problematic areas in the state, the number of overdose deaths increased dramatically. That 1,233 percent surge in heroin killing mostly young men in their teens and 20s can be seen by looking at what has happened since the turn of the millennium. Public Health Madison and Dane County numbers show Dane County heroin deaths increasing from three in 2000 to 40 in 2013. Numbers for 2014 have not yet been finalized. (Feb. 16, 2015)

No one thinks they'll become a heroin addict. But the truth is, Dane County's epidemic is one of the worst in Wisconsin. We're talking with Skye Tikkanen, a former addict AND the assistant director at Connections Counseling. What would you like to know about heroin in our community?