High Energy Command Anchor

Matthew Simon’s anchor philosophy is simple: be a dynamic, personality-driven, powerful storyteller instead of a prompter reliant newsreader. 

It's never about just completely knowing the facts behind every story. That's a given. It's being able to flawlessly move around the studio while being in conversation when delivering those facts.  That way sustaining live, breaking news coverage for viewers comes with ease.  Because this is 2017, Matthew understands the importance of being a well-rounded, multi-platform, “digital first” journalist, who knows driving viewers to web articles and newscasts starts through social-networking engagement.  Matthew is also a newsroom leader who works with producers and technical staff to craft compelling newscasts.  Most importantly, Matthew sees anchoring as an important community commitment, undertaking numerous public appearances, volunteer and emceeing engagements during his broadcast journalism tenure.

Wausau, Wisc. (DMA #134) 2016-Present

Madison, Wisconsin (DMA #81) 2014-2015

Anchorage, Alaska (DMA #148) 2005-2012