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From 2014-2015, Simon served as the primary enterprising, multi-platform evening storyteller/high-energy, personality driven ‘command’ anchor for Southern Wisconsin’s most-watched news station, WISC-News3. Duties included daily live shot general assignment turns, with an investigative/government focus, fill-in anchoring on multiple newscasts & continuously contributing web/social media content. Storytelling style relies heavily on emotion and human experience, creative, conversational writing, while not relying on official sound bites.

Lawmaker says bill would presume a natural cut tree to not be a fire hazard unless a fire inspector notes that adequate safeguards are not being followed (12/22/15)

Nearly three months after it became illegal for Madison's homeless to live outside of the City-County Building, some advocates are concerned the rule change could be causing more street deaths. (12/22/15)

Madison police are searching for a suspect or suspects in connection with five armed robberies across the city Sunday. (12/13/15)

After being closed for more than two decades, about 500 Wisconsinites helped reopen the historic Gobbler Super Club Thursday night as it became a live music theater. (12/10/15)

Some Madison city leaders want to stop residents living in a newly-built apartment building, with more than three units, from being able to buy a street parking permit. (12/9/15)

Many Verona youth hockey parents say a concussion expert's New York Times article urging them not to let their kids play contact sports because of the long-term brain risks is not swaying their opinion to let their children play. (12/8/15)

A Madison Muslim community leader said Donald Trump calling for a complete shutdown of all Muslims entering the U.S. is as wrong and dangerous as ISIS. (12/7/15)

The president of the University of Wisconsin's Muslim Student Association applauded the part President Barack Obama's terrorism speech making clear ISIS did not speak for Islamic faith followers. (12/6/15)

Sauk Prairie’s police chief said the department’s system for handling its prescription drug disposal box will change following one of their officers facing multiple drug charges. (12/3/15)

“It's surreal. It's hard to believe this has happened,” David Davis said. “I think the worst we ever saw there were fistfights. I mean, growing up we didn’t have open gunshots in the street like that.” (12/2/15)

Even though every council member and the mayor said Madison will not just support, but welcome Syrian refugees Tuesday night, that statement is not legally binding. (12/1/15)

As part of the Monroe Board of Education accepting Dave Hirsbrunner's resignation, the now former athletic director gave board members a check for more than $6,000. However officials would not say why the check was given. (11/30/15)

Come next May, McFarland K9 Officer Ryan Copeland’s name will be added to the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial. (11/29/15)

On one of the busiest travel days of the year, less than two weeks after the Paris terrorist attacks, Madison travelers said Present Barack Obama's message of going about Thanksgiving weekend activities as usual is exactly how they're proceeding. (11/25/15)

As Wisconsin heroin and opiate painkiller overdoses have hit epidemic levels, desperate parents say the current insurance system, which they are depending on to help them save their addicted children's lives, is banking on their children's failure. (11/23)

As Wisconsin heroin and opiate painkiller overdoses have hit epidemic levels, desperate parents say the current insurance system, which they are depending on to help them save their addicted children's lives, is banking on their children's failure. (11/24)

Dozens of first responder sent off a 20-car procession with a hearse carrying the body of McFarland K-9 Officer Ryan Copeland, who was killed Monday in a car crash. (11/24/14)

A McFarland police officer killed in a head-on crash involving his squad car was an Iraq veteran. McFarland police chief Craig Sherven said K-9 Officer Ryan Copeland had served with the McFarland Police Department since 2013, after 10 years in the Army. (11/24/15)

The recent terrorist attacks in Paris and across the Middle East are weighing heavily on some international University of Wisconsin Madison students as they prepare to experience their first Thanksgiving meal. (11/22/15)

Undercover officers catch man trying to arrange sex with family member (11/17/15)

The $14 million public market would be built in 2019, but the council voted to approve the funding only if the city is able to secure about $10 million in private funding. (11/10/15)

Crews continue to clean up the scene of a freight train carrying 109 cars of crude oil that derailed in Watertown, WI.

For two decades, AmeriCorps' "Schools of Hope" has offered thousands of minority and low-income students in Madison, Middleton and Sun Prairie tutoring tools to achieve their full academic potential. (11/7/15)

Outside plant experts said near-record November temperatures will not create any short term winter confusion. (11/3/15)

A Republican bill could put up a roadblock to building roundabouts on Wisconsin highways by requiring local communities to approve installation of traffic circles. (11/1/15)

While Henry Vilas Zoo officials say $100,000 in public money for a solar-lighting system is a matter of public safety, critics call the Dane County Board of Supervisors' spending move a misuse of county taxpayer dollars. (10/27/15)

A University of Wisconsin-Madison surgeon is on a mission to change testing standards for board-certified providers that would include testing touch techniques. (10/26/15)

Extra vigilance, the experts say, will be part of preventing Lake Mendota zebra mussels from invading other lakes. (10/25/15)

As Rep. Paul Ryan declares his candidacy for House speaker, Wisconsinites are talking about how he made time for his family one of his pre-conditions for running. (10/22/15)

Nearly 200 eastside residents learned during a Wednesday night standing room only meeting their concerns over a string of recent coyote attacks did not meet standards for the city and county to take action. (10/21/15)

Madison Common Council Pres. Denise DeMarb says her decision to delay the council's police body camera vote is unrelated to a recent committee move to table the issue , in part, because of differing African American opinions. (10/20/15)

If you plan on joining the one out of five young adults choosing to “cut the cord” in favor of an old-fashioned antenna and rapidly growing numbers of online options, experts say to be prepared for a learning curve and a greater reliance on your Internet connection. (10/19/15)

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration winter forecast calls for below-average snowfall and above-average temperatures for southern Wisconsin. (10/15/15)

Day care parents, neighbors concerned about location (10/14/15)

Two Republican legislators are proposing a law that would ban transgender students from using the locker room or bathroom assigned to the gender with which they identify. (10/7/15)

Members of the city’s Judge Doyle Square negotiating committee say they are waiting for developer Bob Dunn to answer if the 46 percent stock drop of biotech company Exact Sciences could impact the project. The city recently entered into a final negotiation with Exact Sciences to give a large area of downtown a face-lift. (10/6/15)

Members of Madison’s homeless community and their advocates say the new trespass enforcement rule making it illegal for them to live outside of the City-County Building has caused the displaced to wander city streets not knowing where they will sleep. (10/5/15)

While Madison Police have spent the last month letting the homeless population know they'd no longer be able to live in front of the City-County building starting today, Central District Captain Carl Gloede says he knows many individuals may not chose not to go to the legal places police direct them.(10/2/15)

City leaders referenced the congestion Judge Doyle Square will bring to downtown as a selling point to approve the project, but people who live and work in downtown disagree. (9/30/15)

Citing a lack of equal protection for transgender men and woman under state law, Rep. Mark Spreitzer, D-Beloit, said he is in the early stages of trying to add gender identity to the state’s anti-discrimination statute. (9/29/15)

College students who need the most help paying for their education may suddenly have a big problem if lawmakers do not extend the Federal Perkins Loan, which has offered up to $5,500 in financial aid every year for more than 50 years. (9/27/15)

Hundreds gathered Thursday night to show solidarity for a woman who survived a brutal sexual assault and beating early Saturday morning on the Capitol Bike Trail. (9/17/15)

The Sun Prairie man suspected of killing his mother had beheaded her with a 4-foot-long sword, according to a search warrant. (9/16/15)

Sheriff says 40-year-old son booked on charges related to killing his mother with what medical examiner identified as a sharp weapon. (9/12/15)

The Sun Prairie location is home to a family of three, according to Nikki Sayles, a neighbor, who described them as "very quiet." She also said her 10-year-old son frequently visited with the family. (9/11/15)

Law enforcement sources said one woman is dead and a family member is in custody following a domestic-related incident in Sun Prairie. (9/11/15)

The lack of a specific sexting law means Wisconsin teens texting each other explicit pictures or videos could face the same criminal consequences as sexual predators if they are caught. (9/10/15)

DeForest Police Chief Robert Henze said the call that forced DeForest schools into lockdown was a prank and that they will "find the little voice" that made the call. (9/9/15)

After receiving a 911 call from a child reporting a man with a gun in a DeForest elementary school, officers, deputies and swat team members sweep school (9/9/15)

As the massive manhunt continued for Lt. Joe Gliniewicz's killers, the Village of Fox Lake, Illinois, located near the Wisconsin border, remember the 32-year veteran for his 'unmatched commitment' to his community. (9/1/15)

A large-scale manhunt for three suspects in the fatal shooting of a 32-year Fox Lake police veteran takes over the small Illinois tourist town, close to the Wisconsin border. (9/1/15)

Reversing course on two previous votes, the committee in charge of the City-County Building’s rules said public safety concerns had become so evident they now needed to change the CCB’s trespassing and loitering rules. (8/31/15)

The influx of visitors to Pewits Nest, which some consider a ‘secret’ Sauk Co. swimming hole, has created cliff diving concerns for the small gorge with 30 to 40 foot deep waters. (8/30/15)

If Madison’s Common Council approves the Judge Doyle Square project in September, the massive renovation will include a 17-month closure of the Government East parking garage. (8/27/15)

After the shooting deaths of two WDBJ-TV journalists Wednesday, some are questioning the June removal of Wisconsin's former 48-hour waiting period for those wanting to buy a handgun. (8/27/15)

Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump’s campaign hopes a Tuesday speech near the state border lures Wisconsin voters to become supporters. (8/20/15)

Calling gang activity an "inescapable truth," Sun Prairie city leaders were presented with recommendations Wednesday for what to do about the growing issue. (8/19/15)

The 26-member Lodi Fire Department is remembering 25-year-old Chris Lord, the first active-duty firefighter killed in decades, just as much for his sense of duty as his sense of humor. (8/18/15)

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin said a 2010 resolution directing city police not to inform Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents about illegal immigrants unless they're charged with violent crime is why Madison is not a sanctuary city. (8/17/15)

A Madison rower who helped lead the U.S. junior team to its Men's Eight silver medal at the World Rowing Junior Championships in Rio de Janeiro last week, said water pollution concerns are very real for athletes. (8/13/15)

The family of Tony Robinson, a biracial man fatally shot by Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny earlier this year, has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the officer and the city of Madison. (8/12/15)

While some Madison black leaders call Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' Racial Justice platform a good start in offering ideas to reform America's police system, they say the lack of details have left them with questions. (8/10/15)

"19 yrs...burned to the ground." After devastating fire, nearly two decade old landscaping business works to continue doing business as usual. (8/6/15)

Leaders of the Black Youth Police Academy said Wednesday that they feel the program is working to help build trust in the African-American community. (8/5/15)

While Dane County police and fire leaders are cautiously optimistic about county leaders' plans to enhance their new emergency communication radio system, known as DaneCom, the police chief association president says there is also hesitation. (7/30/15)

Eighty-five first responders from across Dane County used a Badger Ridge Middle School active shooting scenario to practice the importance of communication during emergencies. (7/28/15)

New AT&T ad hopes to expand the conversation of texting and driving, by showing the terrifying impact of a car crash. (7/26/15)

Father of son with special needs heartbroken sheriff says fellow father murdered son who also had Angelman Syndrome. (7/23/15)

The Madison City Council unanimously made it more difficult Tuesday night for historic landmark owners and operators to let their buildings fall to pieces. (7/22/15)

More than 40 dogs put up for adoption, days after being removed from a township of Kingston home. Deputies found the owner was keeping the dogs in poor living conditions and had not kept up on their vaccinations.

An estimated 20,000 fans crowded into Camp Randall Sunday, after an emotional hall of fame induction for legendary Packers quarterback Brett Favre the night before. The showdown pitted former Packers Favre, William Henderson, Frank Winters and Antonio Freeman against NFL All Stars Donovan McNabb and former badger running back Ron Dayne. Fans say the game was a great chance to say farewell to their favorite #4. (7/19/15)

The video that’s going viral across the state shows the Catapult’s cable snapping inside the Mt. Olympus amusement park in the Wisconsin Dells. The ride was still open Thursday morning, but it has since been closed. Dru Larson was filming the video of his 13-year-old son, Trevor, and Carrie Sueker, a mom also traveling from Minnesota to a Milwaukee basketball tournament, when the metal cable that was supposed to catapult them about 200 feet in the air at 60 mph suddenly snapped. (7/9/15)