Awards Résumé

The Stats: 1 National Murrow, 1 Regional Murrow, 1 Regional EMMY,  5 Midwest Broadcast Journalism Asn.'s Sevareids, 7 Wisconsin Broadcaster's Awards For Excellence; 2 Alaska Broadcasters Asn. Awards For Excellence; 1 Datlon Pen Broadcast Journalism Excellence Award

Edward R. Murrow Awards                                                                 Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA)

2017 Regional: News Series: “Opiate Oppression,” reported by Matthew Simon; Tom Zurawski, photographer. This three-part series airing in May 2016 was part of our year-long commitment to showing how the opiate crisis was impacting large segments of our viewing area. NewsChannel 7 Investigates exclusively obtained a Marathon County Health Department report showing even though most of the community now knows prescription drop boxes exist, they are still keeping old prescription drugs in their homes. We looked at the everyday story of Michael Dixon, whose opiate addiction began after having his wisdom teeth removed as a teen. This eventually led to his heroin addiction, which caused him to crash his car, killing him and leaving his young son with a lifelong traumatic brain injury. The series also focused on Wausau being named a top 25 city for prescription abuse, the lack of treatment options, how addiction changes brain chemistry, the scope of the problem for law enforcement and how hospital funding can sometimes depend on how addicts answer surveys.

2016 National: News Reporter: Overall Excellence & Best Newscast, news reporting role part of the work honored by the Radio Television Digital News Association, (RTDNA,) with two National Edward R. Murrow awards for overall excellence and best newscast following the local district attorney's decision not to criminally charge an officer following the shooting of an unarmed biracial Madison teenager.

EMMY® Awards                                                                                     National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) Chicago/Midwest Chapter

2016 Regional: Outstanding Achievement for Media Interactivity, investigative reporting on Madison's growing heroin deaths & gang activity influencing Madison's crime trends won Regional EMMY®. After the stories were over coverage continued online, facilitating conversations between viewers, recovering addicts & a former gang member.

Eric Sevareid Awards                                                                        Midwest Broadcast Journalists Association (MBJA)

2017 Award of Excellence: First Place: Individual multimedia storytelling news: "7 Investigates: Rural Wisconsin Internet will likely cost $1 billion"

2016 Awards of Excellence: Winner of 4 Midwest Broadcast Journalists Association Awards of Excellence from six-state regional association of radio and television news professionals :
1. First Place Investigative: Family questions Wood Co. DA not charging OWI homicide after seeing crash pictures                 2. First Place Series: Opioid Oppression                                                                                                                                        3. First Place Web Story: "Two sides to every story:” Jakob Wagner’s mom tells NewsChannel 7 Investigates about the son she knew                                                                                                                                                                                           4. General Reporting Award of Merit: Tomah VA Report: All medical/nursing staff CPR & defibrillator trained

Wisconsin Broadcasters Association

2017: 1st Place: Best Spot News: Wausau Area Shootings

First on air in market to anchor coverage of area mass shooting, where man went on domestic violence into our rampage and ended up killing two of his wife’s co workers, her divorce lawyer and a police officer.

2016: Winner of 5 Awards For Excellence:

1. Best Series or Documentary: First Place: Opiate Oppression
2. Best Series or Documentary: Second Place: Veterans Emergency Care
3. Best Spot News Coverage: First Place: Antigo Prom Shooting (Anchor: Matthew Simon)
4. Best Morning Newscast: First Place: Antigo Prom Shooting (Anchor: Matthew Simon)
5. Significant Community Impact: Share Your Holidays

2015: 1st Place: Best Hard News/Investigative: 911 DaneCom System Overhaul

On-going series into continuous first responder emergency radio failures was part of the station’s "911 Dane Com system," coverage. Reporting produced change, causing Dane Co. to accept responsibility and work toward fixing a problem that put first responders lives in jeopardy.

Alaska Broadcasters Association

2008: Service To Community:

Alaska Broadcasters Association recognized "Cancer Connection's" community service program, which raised the profile of Alaska's number one killer: cancer. The series brought viewers the latest cancer information, told countless survivor stories, held policy makers accountable for cancer funding decisions, and worked to make community differences. That included serving as an adviser for various local American Cancer Society events, as well as an Alaska Men's Cancer Run board member, a staff member for the yearly Alaska Men’s Cancer Survivor Retreat, appearing at numerous community cancer events, and hosting "Alaska's Cancer Telethon," which raised more than $15,000 for Alaska's American Cancer Society.

2007: Service To Children:

The Alaska Broadcasters Association recognized my cancer education work with hundreds of Anchorage School District children. Along with talking to the teens about my cancer experience, I worked with district leaders to change the curriculum. As a result, inside ASD's mandatory 8th grade heath education classes students are taught breast and testicular cancer's warning signs.

Datlon Pen Broadcast Journalism Excellence Award                    Warwick Communication, May 2004

Broadcast Journalism Excellence Award for series, "The Unspoken Affliction: Testicular Cancer." Based off of Simon's own experience, told the story of an 18-year-old who ignored testicular cancer's warning signs, because he was not educated, and eventually ended up dying. It also exposed how, even though testicular cancer is the number one cancer-killer of 15 to 35 year-old young males, most men, along with their parents, do not know about it. The stories ultimately showed warning signs and how men can survive and lead normal, productive lives.